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We understand that everyone’s hair is different and can proof difficult at times when trying to style first thing in the morning before heading off to work. If for example you have naturally curly hair it can be hard to style in the midst of rushing around on a Monday morning whilst late for work.


Below we are offering 3 simple but effective tips on how to style your curly hair in a hurry;


1. Blow dry your hair from underneath

If you like to use a hairdryer to achieve volume, a trick to reduce the amount of time this takes is to start by drying the bottom layer of your hair first. Let your hair hang loose and work the heat through your hair with your fingers and your hair will be full of volume within minutes.


2. Style your hair the night before

If you find yourself continually struggling for time on a morning, you may want to think about styling your hair at night. Then if you wake up in the morning and your hair is slightly ruffled, just run some water through your hair and this will reactivate the product that you put in.


3. Style the top layer of your hair

The top layer of your hair gets the most attention and therefore it’s important that this is focused on the most. Rather than dividing your hair into multiple layers just focus on this part. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to style your curly hair and will make you presentable for the rest of the day ahead.


If you have any other tips or techniques that you use to style your curly hair in a hurry, please feel free to comment below.



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