It’s a question that many of us will ask ourselves and there is no actual right or wrong answer.

However, there are certain reasons why we should cut our hair in order to achieve the desired results. Below we have provided an indication as to how often your hair should be cut dependent upon the style and type of hair that you have.


Long Hair

Surprisingly, those of you who like to keep your hair long should get your hair cut fairly regularly. The reason for this being that as your hair is long it is actually older and therefore more likely to break or split. If you also colour or highlight your hair this will actually make it worse. As a general rule of thumb we would suggest that you get your hair trimmed around every 8-12 weeks.


Medium Length Hair

Similar rules apply for those of you who have medium length hair and you should look to have your hair trimmed around every 6-12 weeks.


Short Hair

A short hairstyle requires very frequent cutting in order for it to remain well styled and in shape. In this case we would suggest that you have your hair cut every 4-8 weeks.


These are giving as a guide only and other factors can affect how often your hair should be cut. Those of you who regularly colour, highlight or perm your hair may notice that it needs attending to much more frequently than those who don’t. Also if you are trying to grow your hair out you may find that you get your hair cut less regularly than is stated above.


If you are looking to have your hair cut by a professional hair stylist, please contact us on 0113 2666 599


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